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Is there any bigger global issue today than that of the environment? The environmental movement started to gain steam more than four decades ago, and since that time it has grown exponentially. Each decade has seen its share of major environmental issues that have come to the forefront, but today the global awareness of humans and their interaction and impact with the environment is bigger than ever before. The environment and issues within it have become major points in every election campaign amongst the leaders of the developed world, and individual citizens or professionals are doing more than ever to ensure that the earth is still around and the same great place for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

How can you contribute to the ongoing cause of keeping the earth and your new home safe and stable place to live? Well, the best way to start is by gaining information. Despite the fact that so many people are environmentally aware, many have no idea what they can do in their own lives to ensure the health of our planet. Moreover, even those who consider themselves environmentally cognizant lack a complete grasp of the main issues affecting our globe today or the reasons behind them.

This online magazine has been designed to contribute to the knowledge base of anyone who has a concern for the planet on which we live. We are going to be presenting articles on a broad range of topics, from species preservation to global warming. There are several purposes for publishing this information.

The first, of course, is that our readers fully understand the environmental concepts that have become such a big part of our lives today. It is not enough to simply do what one is told when it comes to the environment, you also have to understand why it is important and what difference the right furnace or appliances can make. Armed with this knowledge you can help the environment even more by educating those around you as to sound environmental principles, and help them to understand why certain practices are important for humanity and the globe as a whole.

Of course, once you have gained knowledge on different issues that swirl around the environment all over the globe, you have to have a framework for putting that knowledge into practical focus. For that purpose, you can expect to see articles in the magazine that deal with steps we can all take as individuals to ensure the health of our planet. These steps will range from giving to charitable organizations to reducing your travel time, all for the purpose of making our planet a better place to be, one baby step at a time.

We do understand that when one talks about the environment and environmental issues, there tends to be a lot of confusing jargon that gets thrown around. That is why we will take a look at what some of the most used environmental terms really mean; again, this knowledge will not only help you gain a better understanding of what the global discussion on the environment is all about but also help you to further the understanding of those in your circle. This information is important enough to be shared with everyone, and the more people who understand why the better it will be for all of us!

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As individuals, of course, we can only go so far when it comes to affecting positive change for our planet. However, individuals acting as a whole can have a profound effect on the way those in power see the environment. We are not just talking about politicians here, although our elected leaders certainly have the responsibility to become educated about environmental issues and to take positive steps towards healthy change. Many of us regularly use the services of companies and businesses which do more than their share of contributing to environmental degradation; part of the practice of gathering information should include familiarity with the environmental practices of these businesses. There are some companies out there who make no effort to contribute to our global health, while others take advantage of research and knowledge to cut harmful practices. We will take a look at who is doing what, and how the individual can help ensure healthy environmental practices at all levels.

When it comes to the environment, the concern of the individual is a universal one. From Tokyo to Toronto, Sydney to Moscow, we all live on the same earth. The actions of humans all over the globe directly affect the capacity of the earth to support life. The onus is on us to gather all the information we can to make sure the planet remains healthy forever, and this site is a great place to start this quest.

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