Wind Power

Wind has been seen as a renewable form of energy for centuries. You just have to look at the country landscape of a place like Holland to see all of the different things that it has been harnessed for. Now, wind power is being used in turbines, windmills, and wind pumps to provide electricity for entire cities, run machinery in factories and pump water. Just look at the sails of the boats outside on the water and you will see how far you can go with this technology.

Currently, about two percent of the world's electricity is found through using wind and these numbers are rapidly growing. While you still don't see too many turbines outside of communities, there are some countries that are embracing this source. Twenty percent of energy production in Denmark comes from turbines and windmills, while Portugal and Spain are at fourteen percent. The Republic of Ireland and Germany are also seeing the potential of wind with eleven and eight percent of their electricity coming from this technology. There are now eighty counties in total that use wind power in some capacity.

There are many people in the scientific world that are pushing for a greater use of wind power and those that believe there are better ways to go. One of the advantages of this source is that it creates no pollution or radioactive waste. If you're living in a condo you will not be negatively affected by the turbines that exist in the southern end of the city or in nearby town. This is also a method that can generate power for quite a large percentage of people. This means that it is a source that can be owned by cities and connected to a larger electricity grid.

One of the disadvantages of wind turbines is that many people do not think that they have a very nice appearance. It is likely difficult to sell prime real estate with a view of a wind farm. They also produce noise and this is another concern for nearby real estate. When looking at properties, it's undeniable that there the patches of land that are still uninhabited are becoming smaller and smaller. That means that soon there will be more people who are forced to live within range of wind farms.

While there are drawbacks to wind power they seem to be seriously outweighed by the advantages. This is a technology that will continue to be explored in the coming years and we should all, whether we're in a house in Houston or a cottage in Halifax, expect to see more of these supposed eyesores as we move forward with correcting our planet.

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