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When it comes to issues that are weighing on everyone's mind these days, the environment has to be in the top five. Environmental awareness has been growing steadily for four decades, and today it is probably safe to say that almost every human over ten in the developed world has some idea of the importance of the planet and how our actions affect its health. If you looked down the average street of homes on garbage days twenty years ago and today, even that would look quite different. This means that there is a hunger for news out there regarding the state of the earth and its environment, and that news covers a huge number of categories, from new innovations in supply and climbing rope, and elsewhere, to have to be greener when you're using a printing service.

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the environmental news that concerns us all. From the burning hot topics of today, to environmental issues that you may have forgotten about, to issues that have been burning for a while, we will explore a range of topics that will be of interest to you, whether you're reading this from a home or a self-sustaining cottage in the woods. Here is a sneak peak.

    Research developments: You might not see the results on the roads just yet, but almost all of the big vehicle manufacturers are looking into ways to make renewable energy powered vehicles economical, efficient, and powerful. Other research and development issues within the environment can be just as fascinating and have just as much impact on our day-to-day lives, for example how a new bathroom faucet can decrease your water usage footprint, and we will keep you abreast of what is going on.

    Species: Many of us had our first connection with environmental awareness as a direct result of contact with wildlife in danger. Today, animals continue to hover on the brink of extinction, while some species have made incredible recoveries. Take a look at who is lost, who is found, and who is about to disappear forever. Also, see how even what packaging if on your new plastic tubing cutter affects the species around you.

    Where are we at? Remember a decade ago, when the big environmental issue was the ozone layer? Any idea how that ultra critical protecting zone is doing today? We will take a look at this and other issues that have served to stimulate the environmental movement in the past, but seem defunct today.

    Fact or fiction? Did you know that the founder of Greenpeace left the organization because he felt that membership was becoming too radical, replacing hard fact with hysteria? When it comes to the fear factor, nothing today seems to get us going as much as environmental issues, and no doubt about it, there are people who take advantage of that. We need to be able to separate the fact from the fiction and make informed decisions so that we don't laugh the serious issues aside or overreact at which sofa bed or orange juice to buy based on it's environmental impact.

    Who is measuring up and who is falling behind? All over the world, there are certain individuals and companies who are doing their utmost to see that our planet stays healthy for years to come, from major companies trying to go green to those using their soap box to promote green housing. And there are companies, governments, and people who act as though we can live exactly how we want. We can take a look at who is truly interested in keeping this planet healthy and who seems to be shirking their duties.

Needless to say, this will likely be a lively site, as far as opinions and articles go. If you have an interest in the environment, then this is the spot for you to get your news.

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