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If you've completed your task of figuring out how much energy your household uses, you were probably shocked at how high the cost was, in terms of both money and wasted energy. You may be despairing right now because you think there's nothing you can do to help, that it's the important scientists who wear glasses and have mobile phone cases on their belts that will save the world. But you're wrong. The world will be saved by a myriad of small changes from ordinary people, not by a miraculous invention. So whether you actually want to help preserve our environment or you're just interested in saving a few bucks on your electricity bill, here are some tips on how to conserve electricity.

Switch Off

The most important thing you can do to save electricity is also the easiest: switch off your lights and appliances when you're not using them. It may be hard to remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room, but decorate with words on the wall if you have to, because it's the most important. Put your computer to sleep or turn it off when you're not working. Don't just switch off, either. Unplug any chargers from the wall when you're not actually charging, since they still draw power, and the same goes for appliances. This may be a pain in the rear, but if you use a power bar to plug in your appliances, it will be quicker.

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Do It By Hand

A lot of energy can be saved simply by not running appliances, or running them less often. If you live in one of those lovely homes with the large backyards, hang a clothes line to dry your clothes during nice weather instead of running the dryer. Wash the dishes by hand in a single sink of water rather than running the dishwasher, since all that hot water is electrically heated. Forgo sewing machines in favor of hand sewing. If you're doing a home renovation project, do it with an old fashioned hand saw and hammer rather than a power saw and an electric nail gun.


You can save a lot of power by replacing old incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent ones. Send the old refrigerator that came with one of the condos to an appliance recycler and buy a newer, more efficient model. To determine which appliances and fixtures will be the more efficient, look for the Energy Star logo on the packaging, which indicates that it has passed the strict requirements laid out by the government.

Heat and Water

Hot water is heated electrically, and many people have electric heating, so putting on a sweater when you're chilly instead of cranking the thermostat will save more energy than even removing that old home health services stair lift that the previous tenant installed. Taking quick showers will save hot water, and make sure you close and insulate doors and windows so that you're losing as little heat as possible. In the summer, forgo the air conditioner in favor of opening the windows.

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