Global Warming

There can be no doubt about it, global warming is the number one environmental issue of the new millennium. Global warming was virtually unheard of just half a decade ago, but today it seems that you can't look at any media or other source of news without hearing about the updated projections of the impact of global warming, the number of scientists who say that global warming is a reality, and the various ways in which humans have catalyzed the global warming process. It effects everything, from those with a real estate license looking into new green condos to people choosing their new faucets based on water consumption.

Today, global warming is the focus of governments all over the world, from meetings of the top economic powerhouses, such as the G8 summit, to the actions of individual governments in implementing measures on both individuals and on companies to encourage environmentally-conscious thinking. In fact, a lot of political parties are taking advantage of the issue of global warming to spin their own agendas, a situation which we see happening more and more in Canada. This could influence everything from province car regulations to subsidies for companies finding alternate ways of powering their homes or offices.

Although global warming is a reality, it is hard to know which measures are helping and which gestures or speeches are merely rhetoric designed to suck in a gullible public. Someone living in a condo might find it difficult to see how their designer handbag is contributing to their environmental footprint. More companies are going green and claiming that global warming is the reason behind that, but how is the average person reading the newspaper or watching the news to understand how those actions directly relate to the issue at hand? Are the municipal vehicles used within your city as green as possible? Who can you talk to about climate control?

This section of our site is directly linked to global warming and the many areas where we see either the idea or the impact on our daily lives. Our production of carbon through various means of transportation is the most obvious area in the lives of Canadians when it comes to global warming, but there are other areas in our daily lives that can be directly linked to this problem as well, from what we do with our mortgage lenders to where our leather phone cases are made.

Our purpose is to discuss ways in which, as individuals, we can reduce the contributions to global warming that we make. It could mean embracing new technology, it could mean turning our backs on companies that do not ascribe to an environmentally conscious way of doing business. We will look at whether it's reasonable to ask people to pay more for homes for sale with green amenities. We will also take a look at some of the latest developments on the global warming front; discussing how much of our crazy weather is directly linked to a warmer planet, for example.

When it comes to the entire spectrum of issues that the phenomenon of global warming gives rise to, we aim to be your one stop shop. This is a problem that not only affects human beings on the planet, but every living organism that calls earth home. It is also a problem with roots spread so far and so wide that they can be found in virtually every area of our lives, and it is well worth the time to realize how you can disentangle yourself from the heavy burden of contributing to global warming. As citizens of the planet, it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure they have as many facts and strategies as possible when it comes to fighting the greatest environmental issue that the planet has ever faced.

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