Preparing Trees for Winter

The foliage in the yards of Ajax homes or cottage house plan is great for decoration and maybe it even supplies you with the main ingredients for fall jams and pies, but did you know that maintaining a healthy garden is actually good for the environment, too? Trees, in particular, give off oxygen and help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; along with other members of the plant family, they are our main allies in the fight against global warming.

So, it is important for appearances, diet, and the environment that you keep your plants alive and healthy for the winter. You don't want the frost to get to them and you want them productive next season; here are a few different ideas for garden tools and tips on how to keep your plants healthy when the temperature drops.

    Watering. Your trees are not going to get much water over the months when the ground is frozen, as less water pumps through it, so it is important to water them well before the frost hits. If it is a young tree, water right at the root ball (they don't have a widespread system yet).

    Pruning. A lot of people like to prune their trees just before winter, to get rid of the extra shoots. You can see a sea of perfectly manicured trees all year on Rosedale, Toronto real estate. The most important tool for pruning near to winter isn't the pruning tools themselves; it is a lighter or other means of searing off the cut. Just like with a wound, a tree cut needs to be cauterized (though only for winter pruning) because the cold could seep in and kill the rest of the tree by freezing the sap.

    Wrap. Just as a woman is kept warm in the winter with a ladies' sweater, a tree wrap will also help to combat the chances of your tree's sap freezing over winter; it will also protect the tree's bark from being nibbled on by hungry critters. Wrap is an important item for many growers, supplies which can be found at your local garden store.

Remember, it is important to winterize your trees, both for yourself and for the environment!

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